Virtual H89 Computer Ethernet/NVRAM

This device is a virtualization of the H8xSPI interface with NVRAM chip (Microchip 25LC512) and WIZ850io module (Wiznet W5500 chip). For more hardware details, see Wiznet Network.

Properties for HostFileBdos are the same in either case.

slot_p504, slot_p505, slot_p506
Any of these slots may be used to specify the USB/Serial interface using the value "H8xSPI". For the H8, use H8 slot numbering.
Specify that the WIZ850io is installed. Default is WIZ550io. Only W5500-based devices are supported.
Specify that the 25LC512 NVRAM chip is installed. Default is 25LC512. No variations are supported, although NVRAM commands are standardized.

CP/NET support is provided for both CP/M 3 and CP/M 2.2. Utilities for configuring CP/NET, and directly accessing the W5500 and 25LC512 chips, are provided.