Virtual H89 Z17 Floppy Controller

The virtual Z17 floppy controller allows up to three 5.25" drives. Drives may be "single track" or "double track" (40- or 80-track) and/or single or double sided (1 or 2 heads). This controller supports single density only. CP/M should allow reading of single-track disks in a double-track drive.

Configuration properties:

NOTE! Property prefix is shown here as "z17_", however prefix must match (lower case) name used in "slot_*" property.

slot_p504, slot_p505, slot_p506
Any of these slots may be used to specify the floppy controller using any of the values "H88-1", "Z17", or "H17".

Specification of drive "#" type. Drives are numbers 1-3. The following values are recognized:

Single-sided Single-track (40-track) 5.25" drive.
Single-sided Double-track (80-track) 5.25" drive.
Double-sided Single-track (40-track) 5.25" drive.
Double-sided Double-track (80-track) 5.25" drive.

A short string may follow the drive type, which will be used as the drive name in menus and on the front panel LEDs.

Specify a pre-mounted floppy disk image in drive "#". Value is the path to the image file desired, followed by optional arguments. See notes for MMS77316 for a description of the "logdisk" image format and the utility to create them. Arguments recognized:

Mount floppy with writing enabled. Without this, the diskette (image file) will be read-only.

Hard-sectored floppy images may be created with the "format.jar" utility described in the MMS 77316 controller. This utility can be used to convert an H8D image into one usable on this virtual system.