Virtual Heathkit H8 Computer Help

A variation of the Virtual H89 computer, configured as an H8. This variation always includes an H19 terminal and an INS8250 serial port at 350Q (0E8H) (actually, all four H8-4 ports), although the INS8251 (and cassette) at 370Q (0F8H) is an available option. Also, RAM via H8-1/3 cards do not support gaps, any gaps are automatically filled with RAM.

For additional help refer to the H89 Help files.

Keypad documentation for the (default) PAM-37 monitor ROM (primary function):

0BOOTUniversal Boot, prompts for device, port, unit.
1PRIPrimary Boot.
2SECSecondary Boot.
3RADIXRadix select, Hex/Octal.
4GOGo, start execution at current PC.
5INIn, input byte ....
6OUTOut, output byte ....
7SISingle Step (not yet implemented).
A (+)NEXTIn MEM, increment address and show value.
B (-)LASTIn MEM, decrement address and show value.
C (*)CANCEL(Cancel other operations.)
D (/)ALTEREnter Alter Value mode.
E (#)MEMSelect Memory display mode.
F (.)REGSelect Register display mode.

Note, keys have alternate meanings in other contexts. For example, in the BOOT function (context) the keys 0-3 are used to select device, port, and unit.

The RTM/0 key is not implemented. The RST/0 (system reset) key is implemented by holding the Shift key down while clicking on the "D" ("/") key.

Keys may also be activated using the host computer keyboard. The keys 0-9, A-F, and legacy "+", "-", "*", "/", "#", and ".", are mapped to their keypad equivalents. In this case, the RST/0 function is implemented by combining the Alt key with either "D" or "/".

Configuration properties specific to the H8 follow.

Select H8 computer, with value "H8". Default is the H89.
Specifies the DIP-switch settings for "SW1". This is the logical equivalent of the H89 "SW501". Note that different monitor ROMs might interpret these switches differently.
slot_p1 .. slot_p10
Specifies add-on slots. Memory or I/O may go in any slot.
Specifies a file to use for emiting the beep/alarm on the H8 front panel. Default is "h19beep.wav".
Specifies tjhe volume setting for the front panel beep/alarm. Specified as a percent, 0-100. Default is 50.
This specifies the labels and tooltips (which appear when the mouse hovers over a key) for the keypad. Strings for each key are separated by semicolons (;). An optional replacement for the key name may be prefixed using a colon (:). If no key name is specified, the default will be used. If no tooltip is specified, that key will have none. Default, and example syntax, is (this matches keypad labels originally issued):

Not all devices from the H89 have H8 equivalents.